2021 Application for Beach Storage of Boats/Watercraft


All boat(s) MUST be removed from the beach by November 1st.

OLSBA ordinance Section 4-f;
The abandonment of any personal property on the beach after November 1st of any calendar year. If this occurs, the Board shall give said offender written notice and if the property is not removed within 14 days of the mailing of said notice, said Board may dispose of the abandoned property and may bill the person responsible for the actual cost of such service.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Matt Merritt
President – OLSBA

• Storage season starts May 15th – vessels must be removed by November 1st – fines apply.
• An Old Lyme Shores Sticker must be visibly displayed on the vessel’s upper bow.
• All vessels must only be stored in areas specifically designated for boats.
• Owners are responsible for removing their vessels from the beach whenever major storms or
higher than normal tides are forecasted.
• Violations of the above may result in the vessel being fined.
• Vessels without a sticker may be fined and/or removed until properly registered.
• OLS is not responsible for any damage caused to, or by a vessel as a result of its storage on the
beach, and it is stored pursuant to this agreement at its own risk and peril. I further agree to
hold Old Lyme Shores Beach Association harmless from and against all liability, waive, release
and forever discharge any and all rights, actions and claims of any kind that I or any heirs,
successors and assigns may have against OLSBA, its employees, successors and assigns for any
losses and damages which I may suffer as a result of storing this vessel under this agreement


Please submit above physical for for Registration

• Applicant must be an Old Lyme Shores property owner
• Complete a separate form for each craft
• Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and small boats (sail and row)