Reminder for OLS Boat and Kayak Owners


You are reminded to remove all boats from the OLS beach by November 1, 2022 or sooner. Currently there are many kayaks and small boats still remaining on the beach and are at risk of being lost to a late season storm. If a boat is lost and discovered in the water, this may trigger a response from the Coast Guard or other first responders. This situation must be avoided as any response is costly, is not without risk and pulls emergency personnel away from other efforts that may require their immediate attention.


If you are unable to get to the beach to remove your boat, please contact a neighbor or friend to assist you.


This also is a time to remind you to register your boats on the Old Lyme Shores website. Most boats have been registered on the OLS website, however, many are not. There is no cost to register your boat and you are asked to do so prior to storing your boat on the beach next year. After registering your boat on the website, contact Bryan Even (email: to access the sticker which must be attached to the upper bow of the boat.  Storage season on the beach is from May 15 to November 1st.