OLSBOG Meeting

Thursday,  June 2nd, 2022 – 6:30pm

56 Saltaire Drive, offered via Zoom


Board of Governors and Association Officers in attendance: Matt Merritt (MM) (in person), Al Roy (AR) (in person), Cliff Winkel (CW) in person,  Norm Yester (NY) (via Zoom), Tom Annulli (TA) (via Zoom), Bryan Even (BE) ( via zoom) (arr 6:36), Joanne Gilland (JG) (via Zoom), MaryKate Reynolds (MKR) (via Zoom), Kathi Stickley (KS) (via Zoom).

Absent:Jay Moynihan (JM)

Member Guests: Approx. 14 people

Call to Order: 6:31 PM

  1. Approval of minutes – May 19th, 2022 BOG meeting TA/CW
  2. Preparation for Spring Meeting

FY 2022-2023 Budget Review- (NY) reviewed guard usage with TA; anticipates the need for a 5000 dollar increase due to increased hours and hourly wage increase.  WPCA and legal fees remain the same- approximately an 8.5% increase in the budget overall.

Vote-Motion was made for a vote for the BOG to present the budget to the association at the Spring Meeting 2022 (TA/AR); passed

Discussion-on how the increase was going to be managed and keeping within budget guidelines.

TA-discussed the Memorial Day weekend and how the open two streets fared.  Worked well in the morning but first street coming from Exit 70 northbound (Sea Spray) became overwhelmed by mid-day; Billow did not receive many inbound cars; the afternoon saw a huge volume of cars attempting to enter the beach (over 70 cars); guards were overwhelmed; discussion of placement of new signs addressing the lack of public parking.

BE- concerned about traffic pattern, speed of drivers- will discuss with chief guard and TA.

No new updates with WPCA

MM- discussed collaborative nature of BOG meetings; MK will develop slide deck for upcoming meeting.

Proposed agenda for meeting:

In memoriam

WPCA- Survey results


Treasurers Report

Security Update


Nominating Committee

Traffic and Roads Safety Concerns



Purchased new buoy lines; trash collections will both be on the same day (day unknown at this moment); letter received regarding concerns on boat storage at end of Sea Spray and will be discussed at future meeting.

Billow bench is broken; replacement has been found but need to see if availability in line budget.

Speed signs (3 signs to be received in 2-4 weeks).


Resident Comments :

Paul Yellen- Billow Rd- Parking problem at ballfield; fence posts and tape to prevent public parking

Motion to adjourn- TA/CW

Adjournment at 7:002 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Joanne Gilland